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Two mile hike marks national walk to school day

Principal's Message‚Äč

This past Tuesday was our first Student Advisory Board meeting where we discussed whether to continue the practice of allowing students to take their MST midterms before the December break. I was very impressed on how prepared the students were with their arguments in favor of keeping this practice.  It has been decided that MST midterms will continue to be scheduled in December. I will work with teachers to finalize those dates.

It is our goal at MST to ensure that ALL students learn. We will continue to use multiple forms of assessments to evaluate student learning. The question we need to answer is, “What will we do when we determine students have not learned the material?” As a staff, we are creating a systematic plan across all grade levels and classes at MST to make sure that all students receive the support they need in order to be successful. Learning will be the constant at MST.

Peter Paulon

The mission of the Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology is to provide talented students an opportunity to excel in an environment rich in integrated studies and advanced placement topics.


Utica Community Schools is Michigan's second largest school district.  

Student achievement in the district outpaces all county, state and national averages. The district's graduation rate is 13 points higher than the state average and students are staff are regularly honored for excellence.

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