Team chemistry spurs innovation for MST freshmen
Team chemistry spurs innovation for MST freshmen
Posted on 02/14/2019
Student presenting research project to adult

Family members crowded into a room packed with anxious, well-dressed freshmen and colorful presentation boards at the Instructional Resource Center Thursday morning to see the culmination of their chemistry research projects.  The teams stood next to their displays and told onlookers about their research methods, challenges and conclusions.

“The students worked really hard on their projects,” said Katie Wynn, UCMST chemistry teacher.  “Even though they are a bit nervous about presenting, they are doing a great job.”

The ninth graders worked together in small groups on the subject of their choosing including the cause of red tide, the effects of nicotine, anxiety and depression, even lucid dreams and hypnosis.  Many included 3D models or interactive components as part of their displays.

“The project topics all look so interesting,” commented one visiting UCMST parent.  “You can tell the students really know the material.  They are confidently answering our questions.”

Students presenting project

Students presenting projects