Prospective Students

2018-2019 Specialty Program Information

Program Eligibility

The Utica Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology welcomes eighth grade students to apply for acceptance to UCMST during the Utica Community Schools Specialty Program Application period.  Applications and the timeline will be available on this site as soon as they are available.  For more information on the Utica Community Schools Specialty Programs see Policy 6275.

Algebra I Requirement

Students entering the Utica Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology must have successfully completed both semesters of Algebra I prior to beginning the program during their freshmen year.  If a student is not currently enrolled in Algebra I nor has completed the course prior to 8th grade, arrangements must be made for the student to complete Algebra I before the first day of school at UCMST.  For information on how to complete this requirement, please see the UCMST Algebra I Requirement Information and contact your home school counseling office.

UCS Secondary Specialty Program Timeline

  • Secondary Specialty Programs application is available at this link.
  • The application is due February 15, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.

Secondary Specialty Programs information nights will begin at 6:30 p.m.



Information Night



  January 17

Secondary Specialty Programs testing dates:


Testing Location

Testing Date

Testing Date



March 2 12:30 p.m.

March 9 8:00 a.m.

Notification Mailing Date - Accept/Decline/Waitlist notifications will be sent by email on March 29, 2019.

Program Commitment Date is Friday, April 15, 2019.

UCMST Shadowing Request

If a current 8th grade student is interested in shadowing a current UCMST student to find out more about the program, please fill out the UCMST Student Shadow Request Form.  Students may request to shadow anytime prior to the UCS Specialty Program Application Due Date.  Once you have completed and submitted the form you will be contacted by a UCMST staff member within one week to confirm your visit. 

Entrance Test Requirement

An admissions test is required for students applying to the Utica Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology.  This test is one of four program requirements for admission to UCMST.  Please see the Utica Community Schools Secondary Specialty Programs Application for details about other program requirements.  This testing will assess mathematics and science reasoning as well as give students an opportunity to respond to a writing prompt.  See below for more details:


The mathematics portion of the entrance test consists of two separate tests.  The tests consist of both multiple choice and free response questions.  Students are not required to show work for free response questions.  Calculators are not allowed on any portion of the UCMST Entrance Test.


There are two components to the science test.  Calculators are not allowed on any portion of the UCMST Entrance Test.


Students are given the opportunity to express a logical rationale as to why their personal goals coincide with the goals of the Utica Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology. 

Previous years’ writing prompts:

1. We are interested in finding out about you and your interests.  Below, please tell us why you have chosen to apply to MST.  Also tell us about any special areas of interest you have in science, math, and/or technology as well as if there are any future career paths you are interested in pursuing.  We are looking forward to hearing about you!

2. Describe a circumstance, event, or experience in which you were academically or intellectually challenged.  How did you respond to this challenge?  What skills and resources did you use to face this challenge?  Did it change you?  If so, how?

Materials to bring for testing:

Pencils with erasers.
Students may bring a small snack (nut free) and/or beverage to the testing session to be consumed during the short break between tests. 
Calculators are not allowed on any portion of the UCMST Entrance Test.